DOHO cadres Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day team building trip

Life is not only the immediate work, the body and soul always have a road, to work hard, but also to embrace life, a group to build a transformation, live up to the good times.

Vol.01   A lot of fun along the way

On the way to Cangnan, the leader organized an interesting on-board activity “eating pork”.

The race to answer the edible part of the pig was filled with joy and laughter.

Vol.02 arrive at defuwan

defuwan,A village born of alum mine, hundreds of years of smelting alum process, left behind a large number of cultural monuments, towering kiln cellars, ancient streets, winding stone steps, old trees…

Walking around Ford Bay, the most amazing thing is the winding old street. The old houses in the village are mostly made of stone, scattered on both sides of the old street. The old house in the drizzle, suddenly remembered Jay Chou song “sky blue and so on rain and I am waiting for you.”

Vol.03  Team building | We are serious

Moon Bay Beach

After a brief rest, the second stop of this group construction tour is Cangnan Moon Bay Resort Beach.

On the beach, the team building and expansion activities were carried out, which fully exercised the spirit of team communication, resource sharing and win-win cooperation between partners. In the happy atmosphere, we gathered our strength and smelted the team, which fully demonstrated the entrepreneurial spirit of DOHO people’s unity, persistence and hard work. 

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