DOHO Cooperates with Shenzhen DBS Plaza

Shenzhen DBS Plaza

Power distribution supplier: DOHO Donghe Electric

Donghe provides non-standard customized power solutions for Shenzhen’s old renovation benchmarking projects.

Core Tip: Technological innovation drives brand upgrade, and Donghe Electric is gradually transforming into the high-end market.

China Power Donghe Pengpai

Recently, the company has provided a full range of comprehensive power solutions for Shenzhen DBS Plaza, applying nearly 3,000 low-voltage cabinets, distribution boxes, weak current boxes, meter boxes, lighting boxes, dual power control boxes, and bus ducts. This is after the key image projects such as Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City, China Energy Construction, National Energy, BOE, and the African Guinean Gold Mining Area, making Shenzhen major projects feel “the power of China Donghe”.

Shenzhen Old Renovation Benchmarking Project

DBS Plaza is one of the benchmark projects of old renovation in Shenzhen, with a construction area of over 230,000 square meters and a construction land of 23,800 square meters. The project is a comprehensive R&D industrial building, commercial and community sports venues and supporting dormitories constructed in accordance with the new industrialization method, including Block 1-A, Block B and the podium, Tower C tower, podium and 4-story basement. 23 floors. The project adopts the powergri-s type CHINT power distribution equipment produced by Donghe Electric DOHO, which has been put into operation in succession recently.

In addition, the project is also equipped with international schools, cultural activity rooms, community health service centers, bus first and last stations, post offices, public toilets and garbage transfer stations, underground public charging stations (700㎡), and public parking spaces (201).) and other public facilities. The advantages of the project in terms of location and transportation are relatively more prominent. The DBS Plaza project has realized the in-depth application of BIM technology in the design and construction stages, and has been successfully selected as a science and technology plan project in the field of engineering construction in Shenzhen in 2021. At the same time, the project has done a lot of exploration and practice in green construction, actively recycled rainwater and renewable building materials, and achieved remarkable results in energy conservation and environmental protection. In recent years, Shenzhen Baoan District has closely followed the pace of the national strategy, earnestly implemented the national, provincial and municipal policies on promoting the industrialization, industrialization and technological development of construction, and led the promotion of prefabricated buildings and construction technology in the whole district into a rapid development channel.

Innovation Leads and Continues to Surpass

Donghe provides high protection level for the DBS Plaza project located near Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport and Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center. The customized power solution after multiple special treatments can effectively protect the low voltage and PLC electrical control system of the internal control field equipment. Protected from dust, rain and extreme temperatures. It has the advantages of digital intelligence, mobility and modularization. High-grade products and technologies are used for components, fire protection, monitoring, and surge protection to help customers solve technical problems and ensure the reliable operation of projects.

In recent years, in the process of continuous transformation and upgrading in Shenzhen, the industrial chain has gradually changed to “innovation” + “intelligent manufacturing”. Leading by innovation, continuing to surpass, and promoting the fundamental transformation of the manufacturing industry model and corporate form. Comprehensively promote the digital transformation of manufacturing, the popularization of networking, and intelligent transformation, and promote low-carbon industrial transformation and development. Donghe will be committed to using a professional technical team and comprehensive power solutions, based on the local area, looking to the world, and working with industry participants to create a sustainable future for professional high and low voltage smart power.

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