Doho supplies to Xuyang Kindergarten

Yueqing Xuyang Kindergarten electrical equipment supplier:DOHO

Yueqing Xuyang Kindergarten is a public full-day kindergarten, with two teaching points, namely, economic Park and Yanpan Park. The school scale is 15 classes and 9 classes respectively, with more than 700 children in the park and a land area of more than 10,000 square meters

Under the guidance of the kindergarten concept of “Follow the child’s heart to the sun”, relying on the provincial textbook and the garden-based course “The Sun Flower Course” as the carrier, Xuyang Kindergarten will “cultivate sunshine children who love life, are independent and confident, enjoy reading and beauty, and learn to play” as the goal, and strive to create an ideal home for teachers and children to “accompany love and happiness, realize dreams and warm the future”. In 2022, it was named the first “Future Star Kindergarten” in Wenzhou

The electric transformation and upgrading project of Xuyang Kindergarten adopts Chint POWGRID-S series low-voltage power distribution and control box manufactured by Donghe Electric. POWGRID-S series products are the latest low-voltage complete sets of products developed by Chint Electric for the domestic distribution power market. Its standardized product design and unified brand image can enhance the customer experience in an all-round way. Products can be used in power distribution, motor control, lighting control and other scenarios

Recently, Chint authorized manufacturer – Dohe Electric Co., LTD., has completed the production and commissioning of Yueqing Xuyang Kindergarten project Chint – Doho dual brand distribution box, ready to be shipped to the project site for installation by the power contractor company and supplies to Xuyang Kindergarten

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