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DOHO is a leading manufacturer of galvanized steel enclosures in China. We have been in this industry for more than 20 years, and we have accumulated rich experience in manufacturing metal enclosures. We can meet all kinds of customer needs with high quality and competitive prices.

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Strict Product Testing

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Quality Manufacturing

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DOHO Galvanized Steel Enclosures Manufacturer

Our galvanized steel enclosures are used in the most demanding applications, including aerospace, military, industrial, transportation, and other markets that require high reliability and repeatable performance.

Our latest manufacturing equipment allows us to produce a wide variety of metal enclosures using galvanized sheet metal in high volumes with consistent quality and on-time delivery. We design our products using 3D modeling software so we can create custom solutions for your application needs. Our engineers can help you determine if an existing enclosure can be modified to meet your requirements or if a new design will be required.
Steel Electrical Enclosures

DOHO Stainless Steel Nema Enclosure Advantage

Rigorously Tested And Independently Certified Galvanized Steel Enclosures Solutions
We work with our customers to ensure that they have a high-quality enclosure. We have a rigorous process of testing and inspection to ensure that all of our enclosures meet our strict quality standards. All of our products are certified by ISO 9001:2008, which means we have an extensive quality management system in place to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers.

Expert Engineering

We have a dedicated engineering department, each engineer has at least 10 years of experience in the field of design and development. Our engineers constantly study the latest trends in technology to help you achieve the best products possible.

Worldwide Product Distributions

We have long-term cooperation with many famous enterprises in Europe, America, and Japan. Our products have been exported to more than 80 countries worldwide and have won great praise from our customers!

Quality Control

We always attach great importance to quality control during production and strive to maintain strict quality standards so that our customers can receive high-quality products at competitive prices!

High Quality Materials

We use only premium materials to ensure that our products are built to last and perform well under any condition. We use only galvanized steel , which is highly resistant to corrosion and rusting.

Custom Steel Electrical Enclosures

DOHO offers a full line of custom enclosures that are designed and built to your specifications. Our expert engineers will work with you on your design, taking into account all of the factors that go into creating a successful enclosure. We can even help you find the right components for your project.

We can modify existing enclosures, or design and build from scratch. This includes the ability to:
  • Utilize our 3D modeling software to design your unique enclosure
  • Modify existing CAD drawings or specifications for your project
  • Provide detailed drawings and prints for your approval before we begin fabrication

A Leading Supplier of Steel Electrical Enclosures

We are excited to bring our customers the most innovative and efficient products in the market. Our company is growing rapidly, we have expanded our product line and we will continue to do so. We are very proud of the fact that we are able to manufacture all of our products in-house; this allows us to guarantee high quality and quick turnaround times at a competitive price.
Affordable Products
We offer a wide range of products at affordable prices for both small and large businesses. Our customers can choose from various types of metal enclosures such as NEMA enclosures, IEC enclosures, DIN rail enclosures, etc.
Innovative Solutions
DOHO is constantly developing new ways to improve upon the current technology that we use in order to make our products even better than they already are today.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A galvanized steel enclosure is a container that protects the contents from damage and deterioration caused by moisture, dust, chemicals and other environmental factors. It is commonly used for applications such as storing food, pharmaceuticals, electronics and others.

The galvanized steel enclosures are mainly used in industrial applications such as power plants, oil refineries, chemical plants, water treatment facilities and other similar places where there is a need for protection against the elements. They may also be used in commercial buildings such as office complexes or shopping malls as well as residential homes where there is an increased risk of vandalism or theft.

The benefits of using galvanized steel enclosures are many. First and foremost, this type of enclosure is extremely durable and long-lasting since it’s made from high-quality materials. It also offers a seamless finish that’s attractive to the eye and will add value to your property. Galvanized steel enclosures can be used for a variety of applications, including industrial, commercial and residential uses.
Yes! We offer custom galvanized steel enclosures in many different configurations so that they’ll fit your specific needs perfectly. Our skilled team of designers can help you create an enclosure that meets your needs while also remaining within your budget.
Yes! We offer a 1-year warranty on all of our products, so if something goes wrong with one of your items, we will replace it or fix it at no additional charge to you!

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