Professor of Hebei University of Technology visited Doho

On the morning of March 13, Sun Jianguang, the chief engineer and director of the National Innovation Center of Hebei University of Technology, and Professor Zhang Jianhui of the College of Machinery visited Doho, and Chen Jilai, the general manager of the company, took charge of technology, research and development and other departments.

    Experts into the enterprise first-line workshop and exhibition hall in-depth understanding, from product process, production to research and development, technical problems overcome, experts and professors put forward some topics of common concern, further understand the technological innovation problems encountered in the development process of the enterprise and technical shortcomings, diagnosis for the enterprise, put forward countermeasures.

   Then at the symposium, Chen Jilai warmly welcomed the arrival of the experts and professors, introduced the production and operation of the enterprise, the development process and the development of the second five-year plan in the future, and put forward the relevant innovation needs. The two sides fully discussed the innovation of products, management, concept and technology. And expressed the willingness to carry out industry-university-research, method innovation and school-enterprise cooperation. It emphasizes that enterprises can not focus on the current traditional fields, technological innovation is the inevitable trend of the development of traditional manufacturing industry, the company attaches importance to the technical innovation effect brought by talent training, in today’s increasingly developed science and technology, talent is the source of all scientific and technological innovation. In particular, the experts and professors in the busy scientific research and teaching still take the trouble to guide the relevant personnel and topics of the company, and visit the enterprise to offer suggestions for the development of the enterprise.

The expert professor introduced the situation of Hebei University of Technology, as well as the relevant cases and achievements of the National Innovation Research Institute, which has been committed to cultivating innovative talents, learning innovative methods, and actually applying them to the technological innovation research and development work of enterprises since its establishment five years ago. Some directions and suggestions were put forward for Doho Company to seek ways and methods of scientific and technological innovation and train innovative talents in the future development. Doho agreed with and supported the high-quality development of the intelligent power industry and the layout of the new track of the enterprise in the future, and warmly invited General Manager Chen Jilai to visit and study in Hebei University of Technology.

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