Samsung (China) semiconductor chip City expansion project

Samsung (China) semiconductor Chip City, the overall area of 50 square kilometers, has gathered more than 300 Europe, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan around Samsung semiconductor upstream and downstream parts suppliers, by 2025 the total output value will exceed 200 billion yuan. Next to Samsung, TSMC, SMIC, Huahong Microelectronics, ISWAY Silicon Wafers, Huawei hisilicon Semiconductor, ZTE Semiconductor and other domestic and foreign manufacturers to reserve 100 square kilometers of construction land. Long-term will build the world’s largest semiconductor chip industry base!

It is reported that the M-Fab project of Samsung (China) Semiconductor Company’s 12-inch flash memory chip is an expansion project, which has been rapidly advancing since the start of construction in January 2023. The project will use the completed 12-inch flash memory chip production line and supporting ancillary facilities to introduce key process equipment and instruments through a new production plant, and expand the 12-inch 10-XNNM class NAND memory production line to produce sixth generation (V6) NAND products. By then, it will increase production by 28,000 pieces/month, and the production capacity of Samsung’s second phase project can reach 169,000 pieces/month after completion

Currently, Samsung Semiconductor China’s flash memory chip production capacity accounts for more than 10 percent of the world’s chip production capacity. This time, Doho Electric provided hundreds of distribution boxes, power cabinets and other distribution equipment for the project. We are looking forward to witnessing the beautiful moment when Samsung’s new plant is put into operation!

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