Top 10 Switchgear Manufacturers of 2022

Looking for high-quality switchgear manufacturers? In this article, we have gathered the Top 10 Best Brands in the World for your business. And the types and materials of available switchgear manufacturers are covered in detail in this reference. Just keep eye on here!

The continuous industry advancement and much-complicated household utilities push the switchgear industry to move in the most fast-phased revolutionary improvements. The technology and machinery advancements and the adaptability of residential, industrial, and commercial units to advance electrical systems.

Factors that give a wider market for switchgear manufacturing. The birth of more competitive switchgear manufacturers and the rising electrification in all developing and developed industries.

Top 10 Best Switchgear Manufacturers of 2022

Switchgear Manufacturers Market Overview

The switchgear market is expected to grow from an estimated USD 90.9 billion in 2022 to USD 120.1 billion by 2027. Giving a CAGR of 5.7% during the forecast period of 2022 to 2027. With industries, new regulations on reducing power blackouts and strengthening power distribution networks create a new market for power sector equipment. The pandemic due to Covid 19 has had a big impact on the switchgear market. It becomes a huge disruptor that creates challenges and opportunities for the industry. During this time of the pandemic, the market highlighted the need for risk management and greater preparedness for all manufacturers, innovators, consumers, and users. The actions taken by the government and businesses resulted in a significant decline in manufacturing and industrial activity, impacting the switchgear market directly.

Leading Switchgear Manufacturers

Switchgear manufacturers offer different scopes and specifications of switchgear depending on the application. Manufacturers commonly give consumers a wide range of choices and free consultations to assess and develop custom-fit switchgear for their consumers. Below are the top switchgear companies in the world that give a premium quality device that will surely help you.

ABB Switchgears

ABB may be a driving worldwide innovation company that energizes the change of society and industry to realize a more beneficial, economical future. By interfacing a computer program with its electrification, automation, and movement portfolio, ABB pushes the boundaries of innovation to drive execution to modern levels and produce top-class ABB switchgear. ABB specializes in low-voltage and high-voltage switchgear manufacturing.
With a history of greatness extending back more than 130 years, ABB’s victory is driven by around 105,000 gifted workers in over 100 nations.
ABB Official Website:
ABB Switchgear Product:
About ABB:
ABB Other Services:*1lsavw4*_ga*MjAzMzQzMDM0OS4xNjU5NjA5OTM1*_ga_46ZFBRSZNM*MTY1OTYwOTkzNC4xLjEuMTY1OTYxMDU0NS4w&_ga=2.230350044.1375828793.1659609935-2033430349.1659609935

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
ABB Group1988Zurich, SwitzerlandBjorn Rosengren

Panasonic Switchgear

Panasonic Life Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. is Formerly known as Anchor Electricals, gives you the opportunity to be a portion of the bequest as well as construct a modern one at the same time. They are one of the largest switchgear manufacturers, developed Panasonic switchgear systems and entrants ought to have an inventive approach, morals, capacity to get the advertise and needs of clients, and a positive outlook to advance ceaselessly.
Panasonic switchgear is like a wheel which is similarly imperative as the other. Additionally, each part of the company clears a way toward doing more for the communities they live in. They are tenaciously endeavouring to present new technologies that construct a stronger life.
Panasonic Life Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. Official Website:
Panasonic Switchgear:
Panasonic Life Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.:
Panasonic Other Products:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Anchor by Panasonic1963Mumbai, IndiaYuki Kusumi

Schneider Switchgear

Schneider’s reason is to enable all to create the foremost of their vitality and assets, bridging advance and maintainability for all. At Scheider, they call this life is on. They are a custom switchgear manufacturer that accepts that getting vitality and advancement could be a fundamental human right. Schneider Switchgear era is facing a structural move in energy transition and mechanical insurgency catalyzed by quickened digitization in a more electric world.
Schneider Electric Switchgear is a premium class switchgear trusted and used by its consumers. They are advocates of open benchmarks and organizational biological systems to unleash the infinite conceivable outcomes of a worldwide, inventive community that’s energetic almost our shared significant reason, comprehensive and empowered values. They are the foremost nearby of worldwide companies; our unmatched nearness to you, empowers us to superior get it, expect, and adjust with deftness to back your trade coherence with tall moral guidelines in everything they do.
Schneider Official Website:
Schneider Electric Products:
About Schneider:
Schneider Services:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Schneider Electric1836Le Creusot, FranceJean-Pascal Tricoire

Havells Switchgear

Havells India Ltd is Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) a switchgear company with a major control conveyance hardware producer with a solid worldwide appearance. Havells appreciated desirable market dominance over a wide range of products, including industrial and domestic circuit protection devices, switchgear, cables and wires, motors fans, modular switches, home appliances, air conditioners, electric water heaters, power capacitors, luminaires for domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. This company also offers a variety of types of switchgear that can be custom fitted to your control system with advanced switchgear function and protection.
The company spearheaded the concept of selecting brand showrooms within the electrical industry with ‘Havells Elite Brand Store’. Nowadays, over 700 Havells Elite Brand Stores all over the nation are making a difference for clients, both household and commercial, to select from a wide assortment of items for different applications. Havells India Ltd got to be the primary FMEG Company to offer entryway step benefits through its activity ‘Havells Connect’. Much appreciated for the quality of items and speedier benefit, it has the least client complaints and most elevated client satisfaction.
Havells India Ltd Official Website:
Havells Product:
About Havells India Ltd:
Havells India Ltd Other Services:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Havells India Ltd1958New Delhi, IndiaLate Sh. Qimat Rai Gupta

Siemens Switchgear

Siemens gets to be a witness to energizing advancements. This worldwide pioneer in electrical engineering started as a basic bootable and specializes in medium voltage switchgear manufacturing. Nowadays, nearly 175 a long time recently, the 10-man business that once worked at Schoneberger Strasse 19 in Berlin could be a worldwide huge that has served as a major advancement and innovation constrain over a long time. Siemens Switchgears are premium-class switch components that have made a name in the electrical industry due to their refined functionality and world-class quality. Siemens turned its sight efficiently to development areas an unused corporate introduction and structure, carefully chosen acquisitions and modern advancement strategies were to form the company fit for the longer term. Enjoy the ease of minding problematic control systems in your place by getting your switchgear to the Siemens Switchgears distributors near you.
Siemens Official Website:
Siemens Product:
About Siemens:
Siemens Other Services:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Siemen1947New York, NYWerner von Siemens

Oreco Switchgear

Oreco was founded in the year 1957. Their founders aim to provide supplying systems, services, and technology for automated cleaning inside the tanks and later on benchmarked in switchgear manufacturing. Oreco also aims to be a profitable supplier to customers who require innovative and optimized solutions for control systems. With their traditional value, latest technology, and updated manufacturing process, they are able to provide quality switchgear products that are now benefiting their customers. Oreco as a switchgear company focuses on handling their consumers with one-is-to-one customer service providing and listening to their consumer’s requests and testimonies.
Oreco continuously seeks to meet the needs of its stakeholders to ensure that the systems comply with increasing safety and environmental requirements while simultaneously focusing on cost-effectiveness. They value long-term relationships with their customers based on mutual trust and exchange of know-how experience.
Oreco Official Website:
Oreco Switchgear:
About Switchgear:
Discover Oreco Technology:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Lynge, Denmark
Kaare Wetlsen

SGC Switchgear

Switchgear Company SGC is one of the leading switchgear manufacturers and distributors in the industry with over 40 years of experience. They produce premium quality switchgear components like low voltage and medium voltage switchgear worldwide. SGC specializes in medium voltage switchgear and supplies reliable products for electrical distribution. With SGC’s wide experience and expertise in this field, they are able to compete for worldwide quality with their switchgear products and have been recognized by different institutions and organizations for their quality product and services.
SGC premium quality switchgear products are backed by their team of expert engineers and staff together with the latest technology and machinery for their product manufacturing. SGC as a switchgear manufacturing company has been the best in terms of operator safety, quality, durability, technology, innovation, durability, and profitability.
SGC Official Website:
SGC Switchgear:
About SGC:
Discover SGC Worldwide Projects:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
SGC1971Landegem, BelgiumDave Forman

Lucy Switchgears

Lucy Electric has been in the power distribution solution industry for over 100 years. They specialize in medium voltage switchgear for utility, industrial, and commercial control systems. Lucy commits to providing safe and reliable distribution of energy to households and businesses globally.
Lucy switchgear is a world-class product with medium voltage design and innovation, providing switching protection, and automation solutions with valued built-it standards, premium reliability, and safety. They also offer comprehensive warranties and dedicated after-sales support, giving customers the service they deserve.
Lucy Electric Official Website:
Lucy Switchgear:
About Lucy Electrical:
Lucy Electric’s Solutions Offered:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Lucy Electric1987Oxfordshire Thame United KingdomJohn A. Griffiths

Eaton Switchgears

Eaton is one of the best switchgear manufacturers in the industry. They are an experienced power management company that has been serving over 175 countries worldwide. They see that our world’s demand for power keeps growing. So Eaton focuses on energy-efficient products that will surely sustain the demand with the best components and applications possible. Services that help effectively manage electrical and mechanical power systems with superior reliability, efficiency, and sustainability. Eaton Switchgear is top-notch switchgear that gives an extremely high positive record on the switchgear market. Eaton produces low-voltage and high-voltage switchgear.
Eaton helps all their consumers by providing them with the best quality automation and control components to use and helps its company clients to do their business sustainably.
Eaton Official Website:
Eaton Switchgears:
About Eaton:
Eaton Services Offered:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Eaton1911ClevelandJoseph Eaton

Fuji Electric Switchgear

Fuji Electric is the best energy company for EV charging and an electronic company that focuses on delivering top-notch products that will surely achieve its main business mission to decarbonize society with energy and environmental business. They have been supporting industrial and social infrastructures by extensively developing power semiconductors and power electronics solutions as core technologies.
Fuji Electric offers renewable energy solutions, as well as power stabilization, switchgear, energy saving, and automation solutions, in order to help achieve the worldwide goal of a decarbonized society. With Fuji Electrical’s strength, advanced technology, and latest manufacturing process, they are able to provide premium quality products focusing on their main goal of a cleaner and better future for everyone.
Fuji Electrical Official Website:
Fuji Insulated Switchgear:
About Fuji Electrical:
Fuji Electrical Transmission & Distribution:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
FUJI ELECTRIC CO., LTD.1923Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, JapanMichihiro Kitazawa

What is Switchgears?

Switchgear is a term to describe the variety of switching devices that fulfil the common need of controlling, isolating, and protecting power systems. Switchgear may also be considered devices that regulate and meter a circuit breaker, power system, and similar technologies. Switchgears automatically interrupt a power flow and protect the electrical system from damage during an electrical surge. Switchgear may also refer to different systems and components like switches, fuses, isolators, relays, circuit breakers, and lighting arresters.

Types of Switchgear

Switchgears have three main different types or classes, low voltage, medium voltage, and high voltage switchgear. To determine which switchgear type you need to use, you should match the design voltage of any system to the voltage ratings of the switchgear to use.

High Voltage Switchgear

High voltage switchgear is those components that control 75kV of power or more. These kinds of breakers are designed for high voltage use and often include extra safety features.

Medium Voltage Switchgear

Medium Voltage Switchgear is used in systems with 1KV up to 75KV. Usually used in systems involving motors, feeder circuits, generators, and transmission and distribution lines.

Low voltage switchgear

Low voltage switchgear is designed to regulate systems with 0 to 1KV. Commonly found on power distribution transformers, and used across various industries.

Isolating Media

Aside from the three main types of switchgear, switchgear may also be defined as isolating media used to protect energized devices from faults. Switchgear enclosures are used with various insulators with dielectric properties.

Material Used in Switchgear Manufacturing

Switchgears are defined as electrical equipment in industrial applications for the protection and control of low to high-voltage installations. Switchgears have housing and accessories to ensure the safe operation of these utilities and are made of insulating materials such as Polyamide and Polybutylene terephthalate.


Polyamides are polymers that contain repeating amide linkages. The ones used in switchgear are artificial polyamides which are commonly used for textiles, the automotive industry, switchgear, carpets, kitchen, and sportswear due to their high durability and strength. Polyamides can be nylons, aramids and sodium polyasratate.

Polybutylene Terephthalate

Polybutylene Terephthalate is a thermoplastic engineered polymer that is used as an insulator in the electrical and electronics industries. It is a semi-crystalline polymer and a type of polyester. PBT is resistant to solvents, shrinks during forming are heat resistant up to 200 degrees Celcius and can be flame redundant to make it non-combustible. It is rigid and a better consumbustible.

Things to Consider when Choosing the Right Switchgear for Your Use

Each circuit is considered one at a time, switchgear will be determined depending on the application and usage. Below are some of the relevant criteria when choosing your ideal switchgear for your project or control system.

Satisfactory Performance

Switchgears are mended to tests in various ways to check if it is working and good for your control system. Manufacturers surely have some certifications of standards needed for switchgear.

Compatibility among Individual Items

Compatibility among the individual items; from the rated current to the fault-level rating ICU. The compatibility will also incur based on the volts and ranges of amps needed by your control system.

Compatibility with Upstream Switchgear

Compatibility with upstream switchgear or taking into account its contribution. This determines the overall setup of your control system and the loads that will be included in your switchgear.


Conformity with all regulations and specifications concerning safe and reliable circuit performance.

Things to Consider when Choosing the Right Switchgear Manufacturers

Choosing the right switchgear manufacturer is a critical decision to make, this will dictate the phase of your control system in the future to come. So selecting the best switchgear provider will eventually help you and makes your control system efficient and reliable. Here are the tips to put in mind before choosing your switchgear manufacturers:


Look for testimonies and other stuff that will surely provide legitimacy to their business. Research the company’s background. A good switchgear manufacturer must have a good reputation in the industry and provides high-quality work. Ask for references and see examples of their work. If the company can not provide a simple portfolio then it might be the right time to go to the next on your list.

Ask for Certifications

Switchgear manufacturers and providers are required by law to be certified. Make sure that the company you’ll be working with has certifications or licenses in general.

Understand How Switchgear Works

Before choosing switchgear for your control system, make sure you know the fundamentals or basics of switchgear. Its function, types, size, weight, etc. With these, you are not just familiarizing what switchgear is but also knowing why you need switchgear.

Be Specific about your Needs and Preferences

Suppliers will be getting your ideas about your wanted specifications for your control system. With these, they are able to determine the right switchgear you need. Manufacturers are experts in this field, but make sure to specify your wants for them to fully assess your needs.

Know Company Policies

Warranty. Another significant factor to consider when choosing the right switchgear manufacturer is the warranty of their service or products. Switchgears are electrical components that are critical in all applications. It is best if this component has warranty service to be able to return or repair when a fault comes.


Switchgear protection is exceptionally imperative in any present-day control framework organized. From control creation to dissemination, switchgear makes a difference to run the electrical machines in an efficient way and secures the gear from over-burden short circuit damage.
When the control in terms of Current and Voltage are raised at a quick pace, the switchgear comes beneath the activity and rapidly controls the harm to an electrical circuit. From usually where the inception of switchgear and refuge devices happened with the most up-to-date frame. Switchgear can be characterized as an essential way that it is the combination of switching devices and controlling devices which are related to current intrusion devices together with control circuit, measuring instrument, metering direction, and other related supplies of electrical control framework.
This steer will help you to know more about the key data to get it the part of solid state transfers in automation and electrical applications. It’ll moreover assist you to select the leading switchgear for your control of the framework and give you a list of prescribed manufacturers or suppliers within the service.

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